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[23:44:26] Admin [admin]: Please have a look here: http://maxptp.com/member/exchange-points
[15:02:15] RaiderIGN: Admin
[22:36:12] Admin [admin]: Yes?
[23:29:51] noize941: Hi
[23:30:23] noize941: Do you really pay up to 0.50$ for 1.000 hits even through traffic exchangers?
[16:29:31] Admin [admin]: noize941: Hello! Yes, we do. However it's unlikely that you will reach the maximum CPM using traffic exchangers, as you understand it is often very poor and bad traffic. Sometimes we aren't even able to sell it, but we always pay for the traffic we get.
[04:16:08] longlong521: Admin? hello, why OKPAY payment time for so long?
[12:20:20] Admin [admin]: longlong521: It's out now! Sorry for the delay. We had some issues with OkPay at the moment.
[03:19:26] Python: Is it 50cents for 1000 unique hits ?
[19:57:18] RaMzEz: no!! 0.5$ for 1000 points!
[14:53:58] adige1431: hi, anyone here
[23:59:47] Admin [admin]: Yes
[14:59:31] CreanusHD: sea
[14:59:49] CreanusHD: admin
[06:08:58] saikiran143: hello admin
[12:18:42] thebest07111: is it allowed to use a traffic excahnge?
[17:05:55] Admin [admin]: thebest07111: Yes, it is. Merry christmas!
[03:37:56] ref4bux: Merry christmas!
[11:38:45] Admin [admin]: Merry Christmas!
[14:58:10] DingStage: Does this site working ?
[15:20:56] Admin [admin]: DingStage: Of course!
[19:37:36] yairhaim: Hello!
[19:38:04] yairhaim: Where I put my payout dwtails?
[11:50:53] Admin [admin]: yairhaim: Go to the "Cashout" page.
[02:08:16] etgcpluc: 20
[02:08:26] etgcpluc: 20
[02:08:36] etgcpluc: 20
[02:08:46] etgcpluc: 20
[02:52:03] etgcpluc: 1acus2Aw6WCoBx
[02:52:13] etgcpluc: OTUyOTI1
[11:08:35] Admin [admin]: Don't spam pelase.
[13:52:30] LordCoder: hi
[11:03:31] Admin [admin]: LordCoder: Hello
[18:59:21] ce98: Im not recieving an email confirmation to activate my account.
[12:49:57] Admin [admin]: ce98: No need to do it, please try again in a few days. you can still use MaxPTP, request cashouts etc.
[19:56:18] Swag123: sawg
[16:00:58] Swag123: fdzfsfdzaes
[16:01:08] Swag123: t
[21:25:49] titu: I m not found my referrel link
[16:00:32] beber: admin you can here
[16:01:02] beber: ?
[20:50:23] beber: it's a scam web site or not, excuse my english i am french
[13:06:59] Admin [admin]: beber: No it's not.
[19:46:19] gazzyjuruj: Hi admin, Just registered with maxptp, as I'm new I don't know some sutffs so please can you tell em how long does it take to update the "points" counter?
[11:27:38] Admin [admin]: Payments are now on their way out for most of you! :)
[09:34:54] nuucassy: Admin, I can not found any info about it... Are your system count only unique(IP traffic)? Can i send multiple views from same IP?
[07:46:10] SmartPTC: This site has been paying for a long time now, we will all be paid soon, just be patient.
[08:46:29] Admin [admin]: nuucassy: Yes, it does. That is to prevent people from spamming with same IPs multiple times per day. For some traffic we count multiple hits (up to 3 per day), but that is only for traffic of good quality.
[08:46:38] Admin [admin]: Payments are on their way out today.
[22:53:13] foxday: .

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