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[09:31:18] RaMzEz: 2015-05-25 Cashout requested using OkPay (pending)
[09:58:15] Usram40: Refer people
[10:03:29] Usram40: Refer people
[16:23:31] Admin [admin]: Hello all. All pending payments will be paid today! :)
[16:49:07] cicabu72: Hitleap traffic is counting points?
[15:17:18] Admin [admin]: Hello all. All pending payments will be paid today! :)
[09:54:17] BOGANMEDIA: Is Hitleap ok?
[10:35:55] robert29: What are good exchanges to get points on?
[13:51:29] Admin [admin]: Hello guys, all pending payments are cleared this weekend! :)
[21:38:54] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending payments have been sent out today :)
[20:42:29] polas6: hi, I do not understand your system i got 1.2 ponts how much it is ?
[20:44:23] polas6: how much i need to collect ponts to have 2 or 3 $
[15:41:37] Admin [admin]: polas6: Hey! Check here: http://maxptp.com/member/exchange-points
[18:29:57] gubumexif: Cashout requested using PayPal (pending)
[11:20:14] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending payments are sent out today! :)
[17:07:33] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending payments will be sent out now! :)
[11:55:12] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending PayPal payments are sent out today! :)
[12:08:06] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending OkPay payments have been sent out today!
[16:17:45] dano2460: Hi joined now.
[11:53:06] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! Today all payments will be sent out to you. All payments are processing and will be sent out in a few hours!
[12:10:13] Admin [admin]: Hello, we had a problem with point counting. The problem is now fixed! Sorry for the problem.
[05:14:12] doodlebob1: are you allowed to use bots
[11:47:55] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending payments are now released. PayPal, Payza and OkPay payments should reach you within tomorrow! Happy new year to all of you from us!
[09:54:33] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! Payments have been sent out today! :)
[02:51:31] matiszostak: Payments shall not be entered in the list and $ disappears from your account ;(
[04:56:57] matiszostak: 4,79 USD - so here I disappeared from my account and I have no such payment - you can see it's history and account balance ~ 0 :(
[01:57:51] igorbruma: 1
[18:36:18] saylan26: hi
[19:09:06] Admin [admin]: Hello! All pending cashouts has been confirmed (PayPal, OkPay and Payza). You should all get paid within 24 hours!
[19:09:28] mantoja: How much is 100 points? $
[21:13:40] abarhrir: 0.05$
[04:48:32] zorek111: anyone here?
[18:46:33] RoyalCeres68: yeah
[00:32:11] RonSkons: How do i get a link?
[00:32:28] RonSkons: Oh wait nvm
[15:04:26] MaxKode: Hey admin, pls check my pending cashout. thank you
[07:58:00] RaMzEz: @admin 2016-03-13 Cashout requested using OkPay (pending) - it is not OK!
[15:22:30] MaxKode: @admin 2016-04-05 Cashout requested using PayPal (pending)
[08:12:42] aminur199: how much point = 1$ ?]
[02:38:37] Daxuz: cuanto demoran en pagar?
[15:05:34] MaxKode: Hey admin can you check my pending cashout ? (requested 2016-04-05)
[14:49:36] Flobo: 2016-05-14 Cashout requested using Payza (pending)
[08:08:15] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending payments have been sent out on PayPal, OkPay and Payza! You should see the status "Processing".
[18:16:36] Daxuz: Thanks foy payment admin :D
[03:39:09] hhy3216: Why can't I get activated mail?
[03:46:38] hhy3216: Already activated!
[13:18:53] MaxKode: 2016-07-12 Cashout requested using PayPal (pending) thank you admin
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[23:10:08] Admin [admin]: Hello :) All pending cashouts have now been set to processing and will be sent out within a few hours! Thank you all.

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